A Subtle Grace By Ellen Gable …. book review

I share this book review with you because I so enjoyed reading it.

This inspirational suspense novel was such a delight to read and surpassed my anticipations. I loved the drama, the mystery, romance and purity in this story. The author has woven this heart-stirring novel to keep you, the reader, on the edge and keep turning the pages. Her plot and astonishing twists, and her complex characters draw you into the moment and you feel that you are living their riveting experiences with them.

This book is a sequel to Ellen Gable’s first book entitled “In Name Only,” which is also a page turner. Each book can stand on its own but for the reader of both novels, it is like meeting friends again. The author is a faithful and talented Catholic story-teller whose characters’ lives reflect the way of Catholic life in the century that this story takes place, revealing their struggles with their faith, forgiveness and reconciliation, and their struggle with learning the difference between lust and love.

I have read all of Ellen’s books and each has been a thought-proving pleasure. I look forward to her next book; perhaps another in the sequel, making it the third of a trilogy!

I recommend this book to you. I also recommend that you check out all her books.


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