I am a daughter, wife, mother and a Baba. A Baba is a grandmother. I am gifted with nine grandchildren. I am a Byzantine Eastern Catholic. I am involved in several women’s groups and am a new author. I also write articles and am really getting into blogging. I have been told lately that “Gloria, you are still blooming!” My life is never dull and I am a perpetual learner. I love to do research for projects and also love to listen to hearts. Check in with me now and again and see how life unfolds for me and that I am still discovering who I am!

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  1. Hi Gloria ..I was happy to meet you in Ottawa at church last Sunday! I left Ottawa by train yesterday back to St Catharines ..I will pass your greetings on to Father Anton ..have a blessed week. I will look for your book and read your blogs , Karla

  2. I was blessed by the time we spent together in Salem…I have spoken of you often. I misplaced your card, but would love to hear from you.

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