Preparing for Easter!

This weekend is the Holy Triduum and as a Christian I am focused on the passion, death and resurrection of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. My best friend and I will be attending many church services all weekend.


I am also a wife and mother and baba. My best friend and I are hosting our family this Easter and with my Ukrainian heritage which I try to keep the traditions and remember how hard my family struggled to make a place in this new land called Canada, I will be preparing some specialty dishes from old family and friends’ recipes.  My family arrived in Canada in 1897.

Today I am making Paska, which has a similar sounding name to Pascha, which means Easter. This is a lovely ornate bread that is rich with eggs and decorated with symbols of our faith, e.g., fancy crosses, braiding, rosettes, and doves.  The decorations are from the bread itself. The flavour is similar to Challah, which is a Jewish celebration bread.

Tomorrow, I will be preparing cabbage rolls and not cooking them until Easter Sunday.  Saturday, Nachynka will be prepared. You begin by making unleavened bread with eggs, flour, and salt. After baking the bread, you cube it. Then you make a seasoned dressing out of it with eggs, garlic, onions, and a few other seasonings. This is stuffed into a cage of pork ribs and baked until the meat is done.  The seasonings on the ribs are simply, salt and pepper and garlic rubbed all over the meat. Earlier, I prepared  homemade kobassa and beet and horseradish relish.

Our family will feast on these traditional foods along with some Canadian favourites such as ham, store-bought kobassa, salads and other vegetables.

Our dessert will be a cream cheese pound cake, which is a delicious, and a delicately flavoured pound cake with a subtle hit of cheesecake in the background. One daughter-in-law has had a birthday recently and so I have prepared a Dobos Torte to celebrate her. We will of course have ice cream with these cakes.

Hopefully there will be leftovers and they will be shared with everyone to take home for the next day.

What joy to celebrate our faith together! These foods are symbols of love.

Love is to be gifted to everyone especially family at these Christian feasts.

Easter is about love. Christ loved us so much. He was obedient to the Father’s plan and was crucified. His resurrection has changed everything in our world forever.

What joy to celebrate our faith together!

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3 thoughts on “Preparing for Easter!

  1. I am looking for a seloishdw to play during our choir’s Easter program and I found the Easter Video, but would like longer footage, do you have any suggestions. Can I download the videos to a dvd-R? I would appreciate any help you can offer me. Thanks.

    • Try your local bishop’s office to see if the religious education department has material that you could use. Research online and libraries might bring you what you need. I do not have knowledge regarding what you are asking. May the Lord lead to what He wants you to present at Easter. May God bless you serve Jesus Christ and His people.

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